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Courtney A. Walsh | Professional Writer

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Courtney A Walsh, Professional Writer

you hire professionals to cut your hair, do your taxes, fix your car, even clean your gutters, so why not hire an accomplished wordsmith to help you craft a website, brochure, anniversary toast or business proposal? The goal is to help you clearly communicate a polished, customized professional or personal message when you know the gist of what you want to say, but the right words seem somehow to escape you.

Courtney A. Walsh has spent years writing/publishing provocative and inspirational pieces for newspapers, magazines and corporate websites with a varied background in direct mail, advertising, journalism, the entertainment industry and fiction. She will help you promote and increase your business. Or maybe you need an extra hand to create and deliver that speech before hundreds so you can walk away feeling confident that you reached your target audience. She can even assist your aspiring college student in crafting an impressive essay template that can be individually tailored as needed for different schools.

Words have power. Used properly, they are a form of currency. You are busy trying to run your business and attend to thousands of details; hiring a copywriter/proofreader/editor takes one very important task off your plate — getting your message across. It’s difficult to be objective and to accurately describe or promote your own business. It's your baby — you are too close to it. You are invested emotionally and financially. Hiring a professional writer protects that investment.

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