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Courtney A. Walsh | Professional Writer

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Courtney A Walsh, Professional Writer

Courtney A. Walsh is an experienced communications professional/freelance writer. With an extensive background in marketing, advertising, creative writing, film, cultural studies, and languages, Walsh has worked with the United States National Park Service to review, research and co-write a technical report on the origins of the Statue of Liberty. Other accomplishments include a project for MTV (Music Television) and publishing several feature op-ed articles as a contributing writer for The Portsmouth Herald. Walsh has recently completed her memoir, Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin and is currently agent/publisher shopping to birth it into the world. Any good publishing midwives who want to help, feel free to drop Courtney a line.

Having lived, traveled, studied and worked abroad in both Europe and Asia, Walsh is also internationally and culturally savvy. With two screenplays under her belt, Ms. Walsh is currently working on a novel and continues to fan the flames of her ongoing love affair with words and their formidable powers of self-expression. Walsh possesses the skill set and ability to help businesses to increase profits by reaching clients and getting messages across in a polished, professional and accessible manner.

In her own words—from her bio on

"I've always been a fan of globe hopping. Adventurer, seeker, gypsy—that’s how my friends and family know me. My own mother has taken to putting my addresses in her phone book in pencil. I change locations more than some people change their clothes. Am I running from the law? No. Do I have an unusually short attention span? Maybe. But having grown up with a grandmother who had an impressive collection of travel memorabilia from her journeys across Europe and Asia, the travel bug seed was planted early. Her foreign coin collection alone would be the envy of any eBay dealer. Her tales of exotic locales sparked a desire to broaden my horizons as much and as often as possible. My first trip was to Mexico when I was 16 where a few brothers in the host family I was staying with decided it would be fun to mess with the gringa. After consuming a scorchingly hot habanero chile chased by a Tequila shot, I was starting to wonder about the wisdom of this whole traveling thing. My next big sojourn was a semester abroad to Spain during college after which I put some serious mileage on my Eurail pass to hit Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Morocco. It was a blur of strange food, unique cultures, language challenges and just pure, plain fun. I never regretted a moment even when I was stranded in the Milan train station at 3am and a pigeon flying overhead decided to relieve himself in the middle of the train schedule map I was desperately trying to decipher. About 5 years after the pigeon incident, I was feeling the call of itchy feet again. Japan beckoned—and I of course, decided to answer the call. "