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Perfumed Candles and Room Sprays

Parks of London is known internationally as a leader in gifts and accessories. The perfect gift for all occasions, Parks' distinctive and elegantly designed candles continue to impress collectors and gift buyers worldwide.

This year, Parks of London was contracted to design special candles to commemorate the wedding of Prince Edward.

The Millennium Candles are no less impressive. The beauty of each design and the quality of the craftsmanship make them treasures to be used again and again. These festive candles will accent every New Year's Eve celebration this year and many more to come. Available in 5 distinctive holders, each candle releases a scent unlike any other.

Three of the silver plated containers come with a sundial lid designed to replicate the classic Roman model, with an upright triangle in the center of the disc surrounded by the hours of the day in Roman numerals. Each candleholder is printed with "Happy New Year" in 10 languages, including English, Arabic, Russian, German, and five other international languages. To accent the elegant design, the candles are packaged in an exclusive gift box, and the travellers candle comes in a velvet pouch.

A gift that is sure to last. Parks candles can bum for up to 180 hours, depending on their size, and they release a sophisticated and distinctive scent that has been created from 48 natural ingredients. The scent is a pleasant mixture of fresh citrus aroma and spiced, woody musk. If desired, refills are available for most versions.


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