Architectural Models and Bookends

The ability of Timothy Richards to reproduce the finest of details is nothing short of incredible. To look upon his architectural models or bookends is to look upon the facades of some of the world's most unforgettable structures.

Mr. Richards has a single vision: architectural truth. To this end he replicates each chosen piece through the use of British Gypsum plaster, which allows him to create the most exquisite detail, right down to the brick texture and leaf moldings. Mr. Richards stays true to the traditional materials, using etched brass, lead, copper, and thin metal leaf for the window frames, door knobs, and other fine details. There is no resin or plastic to be found in his workshop.

While his work is now copied by many, Mr. Richards remains at the forefront of this genre. Beginning with well-known architects and styles, his range has grown to include general edition pieces from a variety of sources. He relies on thorough research, using a combination of original plans, where available, and detailed photographs. Once the research is complete, the simple yet skillful process begins. After finishing the necessary master and mold, Mr. Richards undertakes the labor-intensive handwork. Since the artist individually creates each piece, the exact markings and texture are impossible to replicate.

His client list includes The Royal Academy of Arts, Christies Auction House and The National Portrait Gallery, among others. Over the next few years, a number of landmark building pieces will be produced, spanning both historic and modern eras. Mr. Richards is dedicated to developing new approaches to portraying the beauty of architecture through both limited and general editions.


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