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Courtney A. Walsh | Professional Writer

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Courtney A Walsh, Professional Writer

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where do I start? I've never hired a copywriter before.

An initial free phone consultation, during which we discuss your project scope, payment schedule and timeframes is the starting point for any project large or small. During this conversation it becomes apparent if we have a possible fit between my skills and your particular needs before we proceed to the next step.

2) Do I have to sign a contract or some sort of agreement?

Yes. I believe that an agreement is a basic protection for both the freelancer and the client. It's not some elaborate legalese type of contract in which you sign over your first born. It will be very basic – outlining what we discussed in our consultation.

4) How do you charge---by the hour or do you offer a flat fee ?

I have been known to use either option depending on the project scope, deadline and the budgetary limits. Often the hourly fee adds up more quickly than people realize because phone calls, research, emails, brainstorming sessions, revisions and meetings are all tracked timewise and considered billable. Because of this, most people choose the flat fee option.

5) Is there some sort of deposit to retain services?

Yes – I require a 30% deposit up front and the remainder is due within ten days of the project's completion. I consider this a show of good faith and it lets me know you are serious about pursuing a professional business relationship. If funds are a concern, I can work out a flexible payment plan as far as breaking the payments up into 3 or 4 installments instead of two. However, the same rule applies about fee remainder being remitted within the ten day timeframe.

6) Are you available for on-site meetings?

I am available to attend meetings in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts areas. Time spent attending on-site client meetings is included in billable hours.

7) What is your cancellation policy? Do you charge a cancellation fee?

No, I do not charge a fee. If you cancel for any reason, payment will be adjusted accordingly for the work that has been done up until the point of cancellation. If the project expectations or needs change considerably once it is already underway a new proposal and cost estimate may become necessary.