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Courtney A. Walsh | Professional Writer

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Courtney A Walsh, Professional Writer

Fiction by Courtney A. Walsh

Short Fiction

  • Mercury's DyingCarina Desmond is jaded at 37 and has seemingly given up on love when she accidentally finds hope
  • Fingernail MoonSue Grafton is stuck in a rut wondering if her life has lost its magic until she rediscovers beauty in the little moments life offers
  • Goodnight SweetheartDick Lansky tries to get on with his life after his wife attempts to kill him
  • Lilies of the FieldSally McHugh dreads her approaching 25th high school reunion
  • Alligator TeethA widower takes his seven-year-old daughter to a country fair
  • Three KeysJoanna Greenberg realizes that keys have the power to unlock more than just doors