Invitation for charity fundraiser for the Futures Program

Prospects of Advancement
Chances of Success

Graphito, Inc. is proud to sponsor a fundraiser in support of THE FUTURES PROGRAM, an educational endeavor to mentor tomorrow's leaders on a path to higher education. FUTURES has provided so much more than mere scholarship dollars to its participants. It has also given students invaluable support and ongoing motivation to fulfill their utmost potential and to challenge themselves to follow their dreams; overcoming all obstacles. Through a coalition of concerned individuals and a caring community, FUTURES offers resources that can't be measured in just dollar signs. However, as a non-profit organization, every little bit helps FUTURES to assist the educational pursuits of those looking towards broadening the vistas of opportunity for their own futures.

In operation since 1988, FUTURES was the first major educational initiative for the Greater Piscataqua Community Foundation. The program, set in motion by individuals who believe in both the value of education and giving back to the community, has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. FUTURES has been successful at leveling the playing field for youngsters to allow them to pursue their education despite learning disabilities or economic challenges. FUTURES is an educational alliance. It keeps kids on the right track to ensure that they get a fair chance in life. Comprised of the Portsmouth School Department, parents students and the Foundation, its purposes are to encourage students to stay in school, work hard, plan for the future and achieve their goals.


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