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Courtney A. Walsh | Professional Writer

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Courtney A Walsh, Professional Writer

Client testimonials

Here's what clients have said about working with Courtney A. Walsh:

"I deal with a lot of writers on a contract basis. It can be a lot to keep
up with at times, so I really appreciate it when a writer is well prepared and capable of delivering results without a lot of intervention on my part. Courtney combines enthusiasm and quickness with the quality results I need. For these reasons and more, my recent experience with Courtney was both successful and refreshing. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."
~Brent Carter (Founder,

"Customer-facing content should be reviewed by a professional. It's a reflection on our company that our writing be articulate, correct and readable. We are very fortunate and glad to have Courtney Walsh on our writing team, reviewing our web site and other public documents."
~ Ed Wagner (Kanda Software)

"Courtney Walsh is a consummate professional. She is creative and consistent. She was an asset to our marketing team!"
~ Lisa Smith (former colleague)

"Working in the fast-paced business of website consulting requires the ability to work under deadline and Courtney delivers every time. She is a pleasure to work with and I have hired her many times to write and edit content for my clients. Each time, the client gave glowing reports of her style and professionalism. "
~ Edward Chin (Internet Management Group and Advent Consulting)

"Courtney's fresh perspective and attention to detail has been a benefit to the editing department. She catches error after error and is always able to clarify a convoluted item description by using clear and concise verbiage. Her speed and accuracy make her a joy to work with."
~ Orion Stewart (Alimed, Inc.)