How To Slim Down Using Nothing But a Pole: A Step-By-Step Guide

It’s January, which pretty means we’re all working hard to follow through with those resolutions we found ourselves making last month, and we’re willing to bet that getting in better shape is at the top of most people’s lists.

In addition to cutting carbs, chugging more water, and stalking YouTube for easy ab workout videos, we’ve found an easy—and quite effective way—to slim down while lengthening our muscles using nothing but a pole and our own body. The workout is from from New York fitness studio Body & Pole’s Vertical Ballet Barre class, which uses traditional moves taken from ballet, but instead of a classic horizontal barre uses a vertical pole.

Check out the easy and effective step-by-step moves below, which were created by Body & Pole’s Allison Wardwell, and get moving!

1. Flex & Point
Sit with your back against the pole or a wall with your legs …