Foot fetish and vajankles: What’s the deal?

With the wonders of the internet, more and more people are able to be vocal about their turn-ons. You can easily get informed about various sex stuff, and new communities are created for people who share the same passion. For these reasons, several kinks have been on the rise, and a foot fetish is certainly one of the most popular sex tendencies.

Today, feet are considered a mainstream kink. They are gaining equal footing in the pantheon of tits and asses as highly sexualized body parts. This article will explain why this is the case and maybe open your horizons to the sexual potential of feet and the sex toys that go with them.

Taking your first step

Simply put, a foot fetish means being aroused by or deriving sexual pleasure from feet. For some people, sexualizing these body parts may seem odd or even disgusting, which is a shame. 

It’s important to remember that the entire human body has sexual potential. Why do genitals, tits, and asses get all the fun? You can enjoy someone’s neck, sexy thighs, hands — so why not feet?!

Some people get turned on by a buxom cleavage; some men get a hard-on for delicate feet in stilettos. Unfortunately, we live in a society where feet don’t get much recognition. This is wasted potential, as feet are filled with nerve endings that make them highly pleasurable to play with. Rubbing the soles, tickling them, squeezing the toes can be highly erotic foreplay.

Clean feet or dirty feet: Does it matter?

You shouldn’t view the community of foot enthusiasts as a homogenous group. Though foot arousal is common for every foot fetishist, the actual turn-ons vary. Many of them are quite different and even seem contrary to each other.

Some people simply enjoy the shape and form of feet, the way many men enjoy breasts. They measure the size, the curves, and how their parts look. Are the toes tiny or long, or stubbly? Are the soles curved or flat? Is the ridge elegant enough? These men marvel at beautiful feet, and they can certainly appreciate their owners.

Footwear, accessories, and foot cosmetics can also be a fetishistic aspect behind foot arousal. Some men may get a kick from elegant and sexy shoes or provocative stockings. Others can enjoy washing feet and giving them pedicures or simply applying nail polish to their partner’s toes. On the other side, some people like to keep it simple — bare feet can be hot enough.

Finally, we’ve come to the controversial part — the smell. Even though many men like their partners to keep it clean, many feel aroused by the scent of sweaty, dirty feet. Basically, the stinkier, the better. Scent can be a powerful aphrodisiac, so a powerful smell that feet produce can be highly erotic.

Feet are everywhere: Should I be worried?

Just because someone is into feet, that doesn’t mean they will pounce on anyone walking past them. The majority of people find boobs highly sexual, but you don’t see men groping women and drooling over them openly. Like with many other sexual proclivities, things are much more delicate and nuanced.

A foot fetishist might enjoy beautiful feet, but that doesn’t imply that they feel drawn to any pair they see. They can be picky and specific about it. That just means they have a special preference and a certain taste that is less common. These individuals will prioritize people with attractive feet when searching for a partner. Undeniably, we all have things that we like and dislike in potential sexual mates.

It’s simply a question of whether a foot enthusiast will approach a girl with a slender silhouette or a girl with a pair of pretty feet. They will probably like to include these body parts as a part of flirting, foreplay, or sex act. In a relationship, one can expect foot rubs and massages from a caring foot fetish partner. Still, arriving at these intimate moments is a part of the dating process, like with any adult.

Is it a curse or blessing?

Like with many things in life, there are two sides to a coin. Having this fetish can be a part of an exhilarating sexual experience, and if you are lucky, it can lead to a loving relationship. Unfortunately, it can also lead to a rabbit hole of shame, unfulfilled desires, and frustration. Certainly, a deciding factor in this fork in the road boils down to your attitude towards your sexuality. However, finding the right partner can also influence your fetish experience.

If you can get a sex partner who shares your foot fetish, you can liberate your libido and desires. This is mind-opening, and you can improve not just your sex life but everyday life in general. Exploring your fetish is rewarding, thrilling and it can lead to special moments and rituals you and your considerable other will surely enjoy.

On the other hand, many foot enthusiasts have been in an awkward situation when they shared their kink, only to be met with disgust and disapproval. A sexual partner who doesn’t understand you can lead to sexual unfulfillment, frustration, and the general feeling of inadequacy. Having a foot fetish can then feel like being a freak, and for this, many men search relife in sex toys like Vajankle.

Feet indeed feel better

So what’s so special about feet?! Well, the question of why something is attractive is a strange one. Why are butts and breasts sexually alluring?! Why do most men like women and only some other men?! Nevertheless will try to shed light on the unique sexual allure that feet possess.

First of all, feet don’t get much recognition, and they are an amazing organ. They can be quite elegant and have interesting curvatures, and toes can be adorable. Furthermore, they are sensual, and for many women, they are erogenous zones. With the right shoes and stockings, they can make a woman feel special and look sexy.

Feet are not just fun to look at. Besides the obvious function of walking, feet can be quite versatile, especially in the bedroom. A resourceful girl can use them for caressing and teasing. They may provide rubbing and stimulation that would spice up your sex play. Tired of hand-jobs? Try foot-jobs.

Vajankles satisfying kinks for years

Even though the popularity of the foot fetish has been on the rise, it is still not widespread. Not everyone sees it as a perfectly normal sexual tendency, which it is. In turn, a lot of foot enthusiasts decide to keep their turn-on to themselves. They reserve their foot fetish for alone time, and of course, they need a masturbatory aid that would cater to their kink.

Then came Vajankle to the relief of foot fetishists. This is a special sex toy that looks like a foot but with a vaginal hole where you can insert your penis. It’s a great product as it combines a traditional masturbatory aid in the same of an artificial pussy with foot arousal thrown into the mix. You can get your rocks off while enjoying the sight and playfulness of your favorite sexual organ — the foot. If you’re into feet, Lovegasm‘s vajankle collection is a must-have sex toy for you.

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