Pole dancer tips on how to become one and be better in it

Pole dancing is a form of exercise and art that combines acrobatics and dance. These dancers do it on a vertical pole, so they should work hard and exercise to avoid injuries and to quicken up the process. If you are interested in this, read below one of the newbie guides to become pole dancers.

What Makes Pole Dancing a Great Hobby?

First of all, there are several reasons why it is good to try this type of mixture of sports and art. To cut a long story short — we love it because it’s a unique way of staying fit while enjoying music and learning new dance moves.


While improving your form and posture, indulging in regular exercising, and taking care of your health, you’ll have the best time of your life at the same time. That is no longer just for professionals. Many people around the world decide to hire a coach and start classes.

Enroll and Be Consistent in Pole Dancing Classes

Of course, as with everything else, this takes a lot of time, effort, and consistency. You may not want to become a professional, but you are interested in researching and learning new skills. Anyway, even if you’re doing it for a hobby, take it seriously.


To progress, do not skip classes and always remember that passion that instilled in you the idea to try. To master the technique quickly and safely, take some classes. And of course, not only is it easier to learn with a good teacher but more fun too.

Exercise and Condition Your Body

So far, we have agreed that people whose lifestyle is active live longer and thus happier. Not only does exercise make you healthy, but it also releases hormones of happiness. So, you have started this now popular activity around the world? Great! 


If you still consider whether you are for it or not, we suggest you give it a try. With a professional by your side, you have nothing to lose. We would also like to mention that this dance does a great job of boosting self-confidence! And how to improve pole dancing skills, whether you are a beginner or not?


Body conditioning is the key to success in every sport, and this one requires a lot of strength. An active lifestyle, overall, is a great choice. Take your steps every day, but also don’t skip the gym.

Own a Pole at Your Home.

No, we don’t think you should try it alone if you don’t have enough self-confidence and skills. But if you have the skills and knowledge, and self-confidence, it’s time to cultivate the field in one of the corners of your home.


You know, many coaches would agree to come to your home to practice. So don’t stand in the way of your desires just because you’re a complete newbie. Are you feeling good about practicing one-on-one in your house? Ask around who your best potential companion is.


Owning a pole at your home has many other benefits too. Once you get out of the newbie zone, you can practice whenever and however you want. You will be able to be creative. You can also organize crazy parties for the mass or do a sensual dance for your partner.

Improve Reflexes and Flexibility

They look beautiful, sensual, and romantic. Pole dancers move their bodies and overwhelm our horizons with their flexibility, and we get the impression that what they do is easy. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to improve your flexibility and reflexes. Pole dancers exercise a lot.


To improve your reflexes skills, you might also indulge in other sports rather than pole dancing you’re good at as well. It can be regular bike riding or mountain climbing. For better flexibility skills, try yoga. Get a massage every week to relax any tight areas of your body.


You will also improve your reflexes and flexibility if you decide on pole dancing. But to be as good as possible in the shortest possible time, prepare your body for the challenge. You have to act responsibly.


Practice and Slay Your Nemesis Move

Each poler has its own, and here are some crucial facts and tips on how to slay your nemesis move. It’s a different movement for everyone. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t perfect it. Some days you are close to finally learning it, and the next hour you are not doing well again. Frustrating, indeed!


First of all, have a successful mindset. Whether everyone around you has mastered that particular movement on the first day or soon after the first attempt, and you are barely succeeding, believe in yourself. If you reject the idea that you are not doing well, you will strive faster.


Secondly, practice more — duh! Try to record yourself to see your mistakes, too. Or, ask a coach or trusted person to watch you and criticize you positively.


Yes, you will probably do the same move a thousand times. But don’t worry, don’t despair, and don’t lose hope. It’s all normal. Just keep practicing.

Takeaway Notes

Here are a few things to keep in mind before going to the first pole dancing class. Wear knee-length shorts and a tank top since it’s the most convenient outfit for this. Always bring water and eat a protein-filled snack an hour before training.


Don’t let anyone humiliate or ridicule you for following your passion. Adopt the badass attitude! Also, don’t moisturize your body the day you have a class for obvious reasons. Know your limitations, follow your trainer’s instructions carefully. But most importantly, follow your body’s signals and your heart.

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