Dance Class

Pole Beginners Level 1 (Mon, Wed, Fri – 7:00 PM onwards)

Beginner level 1 classes place additional emphasis on strength and flexibility conditioning to help you gain the strength needed for basic pole spins and tricks. Level 1 focuses on basic climbs, spins, and beginner combos.

Pole Beginners Level 2 (Tue, Thu – 3:30 PM onwards)

Beginner level 2 focuses on building upon the basics as well as executing techniques and mastering control on the spinning pole, basic inversions, and building your strength to prepare you for intermediate level challenges. It is recommended that you are able to climb the pole and have a strong basic tuck before moving to level 2 classes.

Pole Mixed Levels (Mon, Tue, Wed – 12:00 PM onwards)

Mixed-Level classes are designed to accommodate all levels. The instructor modifies moves to fit each students’ level, ranging from beginner to advanced. The class focuses on building strength and flexibility to help you reach your pole goals. Students advance at their own desired pace, based on current experience and fitness level.

Advanced Pole Tricks (Tue, Fri – 7:00 PM onwards)

Advanced Pole Tricks is designed for the intermediate-to-advanced pole student looking for a challenge. Students work on inverted and upright tricks with only two to three points of contact. It is strongly recommended that you are able to invert and hold basic inverted tricks before moving into advanced level classes.

Pole Passion (Mon, Wed, Thu – 6:00 PM onwards)

Pole Passion is all about the sensual flow of pole dance. The class begins with a sensual warmup, letting the music move our body, while focusing on body and hip rolls. For the bulk of the class students learn a small choreographed routine focused on transitioning 3-4 spins and tricks together. The choreography is broken down piece by piece and students are given time to practice each spin or trick. At the end of class, students dance the choreography together. It is highly recommended to take at least 1 beginner pole class prior to this class to become familiar with the pole and basic spins and tricks.

Exotic (Fri, Sat, Sun – 12:00 PM onwards)

In Exotic, emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of Russian-style exotic pole dance. Heel conditioning, basework on both static and spin pole, tricks focused on leg waves, and floorwork are just some of the basics that will be explored in class. This class is suited for all levels. Heels and kneepads are a must!

Power Pole (Mon, Wed, Fri – 1:00 PM onwards)

Power Pole is designed to build the strength necessary for executing intermediate to advanced pole holds and transitions as well as correct technique of various pole grips. This is an intermediate to advanced level class focusing on inverted tricks with 2 to 3 points of contact.

Open Practice (Thu, Fri – 5:00 PM)

Open studio time to come and work on your tricks on your own time. Someone will be around to monitor, but there will be no instruction at this time. This is a time to work on the moves you have already learned during class time. Must be a member of Be Studios for open practice. If you are not a member or are from out of town please call us for approval to attend open practice. Open practice rate is free for members and $10 per hour for non-members if approved.